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Orlando, Florida's #1
Electric Vehicle
Ceramic Window Tinting Service

For over two decades, Solar Tint remains Florida's #1 Ceramic Window Tinting Service providing our services nationwide for Residential, Commercial, and Automotive.  Conveniently headquartered at the Lake Nona Town Center  in the Laureate Park neighborhood of Orlando, FL, we specialize in tinting electric vehicles and luxury cars of all kinds while our Residential and Commercial Division has a focus on decorative window films, decorative wall and cabinet films, and flat architectural glass window tint applications that will save energy and save you money on your monthly electric bills up to 39%!  Call us today at 407-676-4342 to book an installation appointment or click here to book your electric vehicle's window tinting service appointment or a FREE ESTIMATE for your home or business to see what we can do for you!


We have serviced 
the following EV brands with many more to come...


Choosing the correct window tint extends your electric vehicle's battery life

The Electric Vehicle Revolution is here and the technology is exciting for all vehicle owners and drivers alike.  With vehicles from all of the above companies entering the domestic US market and federal tax incentives up to $12,500 for EVs produced in the United States, these newly expensive vehicles with their uniquely curved panoramic glass windows and roofs need to be better protected from the sun's harmful rays and heat now more than ever.  While these vehicles help reduce carbon emissions, have fewer moving parts reducing maintenance and overall wear and tear parts replacement, batteries for these vehicles will continue to be expensive to replace under current supply and demand worldwide.  The Team at Solar Tint has proven that we can lower interior electric vehicle temperatures up to 13 degrees or more and extend EV battery performance between charges up to 39% or more (depending on vehicle use) by installing the only exclusive patented nano-ceramic window tint film in the world that outperforms all of the competition consistently.

One of our electric vehicle fleet clients put our high heat rejection Ceramic Window Tint Films by Huper Optik to the test on their autonomous shuttle vehicle fleet here in Lake Nona.  The aesthetic, performance, and interior temperature comfort is unbeatable when compared to other window tint films.  What is more, the vehicles are able to run longer as there is much less power drain between battery recharges because each vehicle uses less air conditioning to keep the cabin interiors cooler while running due to using the right window film combination prescribed by Solar Tint.


It is no surprise that Tesla, in particular, has a reputation for building an electric vehicle with less than optimal exterior paint and interior surface quality.  This has created a huge aftermarket for luxury high heat rejection non-metallicized Ceramic Window Tint Films, Paint Protection Films (PPF), and protective hydrophobic Ceramic Coatings in order to provide optimal road chip and abrasion paint protection and proper UV paint protection with 9H hardness to resist scratches and abrasions from road debris.

The experts at Solar Tint Signs & Graphics, Inc. professionally installs all of these luxe window tint films, protective films, and ceramic coatings for every make and model of electric vehicle past, present, and future.  We take pride in sourcing only the best German-engineered, optically superior, Titanium Nitride layered Ceramic Window Tint Films by Huper Optik and Autobahn exclusively for these unique vehicles that require window tint films that will not interfere with any electronic, GPS, or autonomous driving mode signals.  We source all of our vehicle exterior full color change and interior partial wrap materials for their highest quality and long lasting finishes such as 3M 2080 Series films and Vvivid Vinyls.  Our ceramic coatings for vehicle interiors and exteriors are also comprised of the finest materials for long lasting ultimate durability and hydrophobic quality.

Contact us today to schedule your personal electric vehicle consultation to customize your EV to your personal preferences to express your individual style.  Book your appointment now by clicking the button below or call us at 407-676-4342 today!

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