What Makes Ceramic Window Tint So Special?

Updated: Sep 6

Ceramic window tint has taken the automotive world by storm in recent months - especially in a place like Orlando, FL where the sun shines brightly no matter the season and the heat index wreaks havoc on sweat glands and air conditioning systems. Fortunately, for those who would rather enter a significantly cooler car cabin at the height of the summer season without having to lay their hands on the sizzling hot steering wheel that feels more like a cattle branding iron than the Napa leather-wrapped mechanism that controls our vehicle, there is a solution! The automatic life-changing solution lies in the superior nano-technology contained in the ultra thin layers of titanium nitride that exist in today's high end Ceramic Window Tint films. While they may have the aesthetic appearance of yesteryear's 4th and 5th generation dyed window films, ceramic window tint NEVER fades or changes color (i.e. the purple grape look). It does not interfere with any radio, GPS, satellite, or electronic vehicle signals because it contains zero metallic particles and is completely non-conductive as a result. Ceramic window film not only looks more aesthetically slippery to the naked eye thanks to its multi-layer construction and its sumptuous shading variances, it also boasts a significant change in today's window films - it actually works at blocking out insane amounts of heat without having to sacrifice optical clarity. Ceramic window tint blocks up to 99.9% of the sun's damaging UV rays, up to 98% of the warming rays of the sun's light (a.k.a Infrared Light Spectrum - which is what produces the heat that we feel), and blocks up to 75% of the sun's Total Solar Energy. This means that you do not have to tint your vehicle, home, or business windows drastically dark (i.e. beyond the legal limit) to achieve optimum results. Automotively speaking, you can now also tint your entire front windshield with the newer clear or bluish hue ceramic window tint films to block out the heat thereby reducing sun glare during the day and headlight glare at night while driving. Additionally, you will use less air conditioning while driving much more comfortably in your car resulting in less fuel consumption overall - another win-win scenario! At home, you will automatically reduce cooling loss through your windows and doors no matter if they are single pane or double pane windows with savings of up to 39% off your energy bill each month. What is more, while the cost of a full ceramic window tinting package can cost between $250 to upwards of $1,000 depending on film brand, length of warranty offered, and additional options you choose at the time of installation, it is well worth the price being paid as it literally pays for itself and actually adds value to your vehicle overall making it the smart choice. Contact Solar Tint Signs & Graphics, Inc. today for a FREE ESTIMATE for your home or business or to SCHEDULE AN INSTALLATION APPOINTMENT for your vehicle.

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